How To Take Your Workout Routine With You as You Travel

There is no better way to take a break from the world than with a nice vacation. However, if you are in the process of improving your health and strength then a vacation can seem like a bit of a road block. Unless you take your workout with you! While you may not be able to pack a set of dumbbells in your suitcase, below are some great ways to keep up with your fitness training while you travel.

What’s in the Hotel?

When searching for a hotel, all of your options can become one big similar blur. Instead of the usual criteria, look for and choose a hotel or resort based on the level of in-house fitness facilities it can offer you. While you can’t expect it to replace your regular gym of fitness session, modern hotels will offer you more than you would likely expect.

Take Smaller Portions

If you’re bulking up then you are probably supplementing your diet with a protein shake. It’s unrealistic to take the big containers that you get from the Groupon Coupons page for Bodybuilding.com, you can apportion it into smaller bottles to travel with. If you do this, be sure to take a photo of the larger bottle and label to show any checkpoint staff as you travel.

Pack Some Workout Items

Again, no heavy weights. However, a simple jump-rope is a great way to keep your cardio up in a confined space, such as a hotel balcony (or if you’re lucky, the beach!) which a resistance band can be attached to a light pole at a public park or the foot of your bed in your hotel room. While it isn’t going to provide you with the most intense workout of your life, it will be enough to maintain your level so that you don’t return home decreased.

Local Gyms

If your accommodation doesn’t offer any equipment and you feel the need, look for local gyms that will give you a day pass. While you may not have access to all of the amenities, you will have access to the equipment, both weights and cardio based. If you usually work out with a trainer, see if you can purchase a session pass or simply ask somebody working out that look at your level if they are interested.


Swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise that you can do because it works out a large number of muscles at the same time. For this reason, if you don’t have access to any of the ideas mentioned above, consider a solid swimming session. Most municipalities will offer some type of public swimming pool. Otherwise, look for a local YMCA or hit the beach for some resistance swimming!

Returning home after a vacation only to feel like you have lost a lot of your fitness progress is a serious de-motivator. Don’t let it get to you and take note of the tips above!