Complete travel and vacation guide to Grenada the Isle of Spice


Known as the “Spice Isle”, Grenada offers the perfect amount of spice for an unforgettable Caribbean adventure. This three-island nation found on the southeastern side of the Caribbean is best known for its innate natural wonder sculpted into perfection by its volcanic origin. Carriacou, Grenada Island and Petite Martinique boats of topography beyond compare from lush mangrove forests by the marsh, verdant and kaleidoscopic flora and fauna in the rainforests, and mountain ranges that are synonymous to elevated panoramas. The streams, rivers and waterfalls are equally majestic perfect for a cool and refreshing dip. The white, tan and even pink or black sandy beaches are a testament to the God-given beauty this island system has generously shared to the world. Not to mention, this country produces the most number of homegrown spices from nutmeg to turmeric per square mile anywhere in the world. That alone coupled with its natural mystifying qualities have made Grenada a tourism destination like no other.


Holidays to Grenada are synonymous to an unending array of fun-filled activities. One of the more popular options is heading to the beach. Whether one if up for a serene time listening to the waves and getting the perfect tan or satisfy the adrenaline rush in you, the 45 different choices of beaches sure have every bit of excitement in store for everyone. The Grand Anse Beach, with its perfect location amidst the hotel district, bursts with adventure from water sports or simply frolicking in the tan sand. Morne Rouge Beach, on the other hand, boasts of white sand, lush tropical plants and serene turquoise waters that one could have all to oneself especially on weekdays. Pink Gin Beach as the name suggests offers an unbelievable escapade in the midst of the naturally occurring powdery pink sand.

Things to Do

The strategic location of Grenada hotels makes it easier for tourists to enjoy not only the beach but also the countless other activities in store for them in this Caribbean nation. Fun need not be confined in the irresistible beaches and blue waters. For nature lovers, hiking, biking and camping may prove to be exhilarating especially when they reach the volcanic lakes like Grand Etang and Lake Antoine. A simple stroll down Fort Frederick and Fort George is an opportunity for re-living the rich history and cultural heritage of this nation. The sight and even a quick dip in the towering and majestic waterfalls as Annandale Waterfalls are enough to replenish and revitalise the tired bodies from long walks and hikes. Rum tasting in the several rum plants is never to be missed for an exquisite and first-hand experience in a distillery like River Antoine Rum Distillery.



 Aside from the numerous stalls and outlets found in the rest of the world, holidays to Grenada offer an interesting shopping experience. De la Grenade offers the most tantalising and savoury nutmeg creations known to man. Batik, a hand painted cloth by locals, is the perfect take home for tourists with its dresses, accessories and jewellery mostly found in Art Fabrik Workshop. The locally made wines and rum is a feast for the senses.

Eating and Drinking

The gastronomic experience in Grenada Island is equally breathtaking by merely thinking of the access to the local spices. La Luna offers exquisite local and international food, in a tradition beachfront setting facing the bay. Oliver’s offers the best Creole cuisine (including the national dish Oiled Down) on the island using the locally produced authentic spices. Aquarium beach restaurant is dubbed as the best kitchen in the island. For a night of drinking and dancing, Fantazia in Morne Rogue is a perfect destination with local and international hits setting the tune of the dance floor, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Club Karma is equally popular as it boasts of the state of the art equipment and incomparable drinks.

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